Safety and Security

  • Parking – for your peace of mind, parking is within the confines of the property.
  • We have a full-time secuity guard on the premises.
  • Security Cameras – we have 6 cctv cameras.
  • Armed Response – we are linked to Beagle Watch armed response.
  • Sterisilsation of instruments – we have a three pronged approach to the sterilising of instruments.
  1. Instruments lie in cold sterilizing fluid
  2. Instruments are scrubbed with a brush and detergent
  3. Instruments are placed in an autoclave
  • Water – we make use of sterile water on our premises. A water distiller is used to purify the municipal water.
  • Power outages - we have a generator on site.
  • Water outages – we produce our own distilled water as our chairs require the use of distilled water, so in the event of a water outage we do have a back-up supply of water. Most dental procedures involve the use of water which is emitted through the drills etc., so without our own supply of distilled water, most procedures would not be possible and appointments would have to be re-scheduled